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Like it or not, Im on a mission this year to kill off ‘club-land’ style things and change UK Casino entertainment forever and for-better!

A strong statement there and I was actually not going to write this blog at all, but it’s what I believe so I thought I’d just put it out there and see what happens. It’s a fact that Casino operations in the UK are slowly starting to change, ever since the Casino legislation in the UK changed I fully expected companies to come forward and dive headfirst in to marketing, entertainment and start to highlight casinos as not ‘dens of iniquity’ but full scale VIABLE entertainment venues. Well they didn’t. It seems many are still living in the past and terrified to dip their toe in the water. For God’s Sake!! Jump in! The water is great! It is a fact that 99% of the casinos in the UK look at entertainment as an irrelevant part of the casino experience. They are dinosaurs! I’m now waiting for a fucking great asteroid to fall out of the sky and wipe you out. The Casino experience is changing and if you are not contributing towards this, you’d better think about it soon or go and live in Jurassic Park with the rest of the old dying relics. If you operate a large casino and are not thinking about your entertainment seriously then this post is aimed at YOU! You are responsible for changing people’s perceptions in this industry (your peers and your customers need this) so take the bull by the horns and lets get going! I will be blogging often on this subject because it is something I am VERY passionate about and I’d love to help you all achieve greatness in this area.

Do you host entertainment in your casino and see your acts/singers/bands on a tiny raised platform on the casino floor, playing in the background to nobody listening? You may as well cancel it all and save your money right? Wrong junior!! You are missing a marketing opportunity. Nobody cares for the following reasons -

1.The act is terrible (and I’ve seen a few over the last few years that should go back to stacking shelves)

2.You aren’t attracting a cross-section of people

3.You aren’t MARKETING (see #2. and you’d get those results)

For the casino industry in this country to move forward everything depends upon Marketing & Entertainment working together well. Your old school casino, providing sub-standard ’social club’ entertainment could care less and will die out in time. The smart casinos (and there are literally one or two in the UK) are the ones hosting great entertainment and promoting it well to pull in customers that wouldn’t nessarsarily use a casino. They are the venues opening up peoples eyes and showing them that you can have a great (entire) night out in a casino from Dining, Gaming, Entertainment, Cocktails, Dancing… You get the picture. I just want you to read this and think about if you are a casino operator who is moving with the times or are you one of the dinosaurs waiting for extinction?… If you are the latter, extinction will be coming in the next few years. Entertainment, Promotions, Music, Service, Food, Drink & Gaming… It all falls in to customer experience and if you can tick those boxes AND give the service that customers expect (go above and beyond) the ‘Gaming’ box will be ticked and your business will thrive.

If you are showing entertainment, ask customers what they think, get feedback, engage with people. It is your Entertainment Agent or Ents Manager’s responsibility to be providing/booking quality and it is the responsibility of the Entertainment to deliver!… They are in show business, not show hobby! But more on the actual acts in a future blog. This wasn’t just a rant. This was written to get casino operators, ents managers and marketeers thinking about how to move forward because as Bob Dylan said – “Times, they are a changing” and faster than you think.

I’d love to get to know you all and even help you along the way. You can follow me on Twitter @troylinehan, mail me or just comment on here and I’ll reply. I’ve attached a link ( ) of a great new covers band starting to rip up the UK live entertainment scene. It would be great to see more of this type of thing in UK Casinos going forward. You can find out more about them on Facebook by searching for – The Undercovers – The ULTIMATE Covers Band.

Troy Linehan


Hey there all, thanks for stopping by!

As some of you may know, today was the day in the UK where the government delivered their budget which shows us the ‘plan’ for the year ahead.  Some predicted that this budget would also be used to try and keep power in the hands of the current government as the general election looms.  Some businesses and entrepreneurs did well out of the budget but alcohol and the business of bars, pubs and clubs took it’s usual bashing by being delivered a 2% increase on alcohol duty and a 11% increase on cider.  The late night industry in the UK is already in a precarious position with an estimated 47 pubs per WEEK closing down in the UK.  Now, I moved over to the entertainment side of things years ago but have been known to go back to the other side of the bar and manage such venues from time to time.  It’s no big surprise for those who know me well that this is something I am very passionate about.  I’ve been a part of corporate late night companies and with many of them, I don’t see eye to eye.  However, I believe in protecting the longevity of this industry as it is vital to a country’s economy and even a country’s culture.

So… Now to the bar & entertainment bit.

It will also come as no surprise that I am a huge advocate for live entertainment and getting THE RIGHT entertainment in to venues.  It’s pretty safe to say that the late night industry took a knock a few years back with the smoking ban. Supermarkets and off licenses also dealt a blow by being able to sell alcohol at a MUCH lower price than bars.  If I were the government, I’d bring those prices in line with the bars or create a national average to put anyone selling alcohol on a level playing field.  And now with the added tax on alcohol, breweries will put publicans, lease holders and general managers over the proverbial barrel…  You see, most lease holders are locked in to contracts that state that they can only purchase alcohol from the brewery it’s self.  Sometimes the brewery will be charging 20, 50 and in some cases 80% more for products that can easily be brought at a lower price from a cash & carry.  The contracts state that it is illegal to purchase from other suppliers, in many cases, taking legal action if a contract is breached.  Some of these contracts exclude wine and soft drinks and say that this is the companies good will gesture.  But we all know (especially if you are a lease holder) that this is not enough.  I saw a quote earlier today which said “Change happens. To survive it, you must anticipate it; and to be successful, you must embrace it”.  This was from an article written by Dallas Lawrence about how most big brands and companies are still NOT USING (or not using correctly) things like Facebook to get a business edge.  You can read the article HERE.  It’s a fact that pubs and bars a few years back were the ‘Facebook’ of their time, a hub for the community combining, Live Music, Chat, Games, Drink and Banter to all that visited.  There are still a few venues like this and the reason they are still around is down to the passionate people who operate them.  They invest their lives to make these places what they are.

So, what entertainment?

It’s also safe to say (although I hate to say it) that many venues who provide Live entertainment or any entertainment couldn’t give a damn about it.  They see it a little bit like Field of Dreams and have the “If you build it, they will come” attitude… Screw that, If that’s what you think, YOU are contributing towards the decline of the industry and you think that you’ve helped?… pffft! get real will ya!  You see, there is a big difference between just putting on a live band and showing Live Entertainment, the main difference being that one is ACTUALLY Entertaining.  There are so many bands out there who will gladly play a decent venue for a crate of beer or £150.  Now, if you are getting a full live band to play your venue for anything around that price, I’ll also tell you what your getting… a great big pile of shit!…  It’s true.  Live entertainment in the UK is filled with great bands, acts, tribute artistes.  But for every great act, there are 10 terrible ones cashing in from someone’s lack of knowledge or lack of caring.  It may seem like a great deal to you, you’ve got a band for £150 “Hey, I’ve put on live entertainment and it didn’t break the bank, that’s great right”?   WRONG, Dummy!  Your lack of caring could be damaging your brand more that you think.  Don’t get me wrong though, open mic nights or unsigned band nights are a great idea if they are marketed as just that.  You can’t dress an unsigned up-and-coming band as ‘the best live entertainment’ as that simply wouldn’t be true.  I have a simple sum that works all of this out - SUM - Cheap Band = Cheap Brand.  Your business will die in the hands of these terrible bands and ‘weekend Elvis’ as I call them, they are risking your money and your business.  Customers pick up on this more than anything and they won’t be fooled.  They’ll vote with their feet.  Lack of caring will result in a lack of customers.  Marketing can also be measured in this way.  If your venue isn’t busy, you aren’t marketing it correctly or at all.  Marketing in most cases is a small monetary investment but a huge investment in time and if it is your business you must invest the time.  When I worked with Chicago Rock there were 64 venues ALL showing live entertainment every Wednesday night (a ‘slow’ night) it was introduced because the format worked.  For many of the venues, they were welcoming an extra 500 - 1,000 customers on this quiet night, not just because of the entertainment, but because they had dedicated managers in the venue who cared about the products and pushed the hell out of each event.  These passionate people were the driving force behind the venue.  On the flip-side, there were venues wasting (in some cases) £2,000 on some acts only to never get a return on the bar.  You’d walk in to the venue the day after and still find full boxes of flyers for the said event.  They didn’t care about the product, had no passion for the business and the same successful nights that other venues had, wilted away when put in the hands of the certain venue managers.  Marketing isn’t always who can have the best posters, radio coverage or a spot in the local or national news papers.  As a business you should use the resources that suit your venue best.  A combination of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace) and physically hitting the streets with flyers and promoting to businesses around you will work best and if you are doing it right, with the right entertainment, you WILL see a return on investment.  If you follow these points as a venue, you cant go wrong -

  • Customer service is vital (as a person you can singlehandedly enhance a customer’s experience in your venue)
  • Entertainment - Bands, Tributes, Quizzes, Pub Games - Put quality and passion in to them and they create a fantastic atmosphere and most of all, will give people a reason to leave the house.
  • Marketing - It has to be done, become the figurehead of your brand and let evenryone know what your venue is about.  Most of all, do it with passion and belief in your product.
  • Standards - Is your venue clean?  Is your beer fresh?  Are your bottles in date?
  • Safety - Customers like being in a safe environment, is that your venue, or at least is it welcoming and feels like a safe environment?
  • Products - Do you stock the popular products that people want to buy?

It’s now time for you to invest in your venue, with a little extra money to get the best live entertainment you can afford, to market the venue if it’s already doing the entertainment thing OR to do BOTH!…  This is mainly an investment in marketing time after all and if you do it with commitment and use the best resources (there are some great acts, entertainment agents and marketeers around) you can rescue your venue and help turn the industry around.  Hell, that’s what Im trying to do, one place at a time.  Also, get a check out what your competition is doing, see what you can improve on and do it with a positive attitute, it’s your industry too after all.  All of a sudden, that 2% and 11% doesn’t seem that much of a big deal.  Of course, I’d try to cut a deal with your brewery to get some relief on the prices you are paying… Hey, be cheeky and talk to your local council and see if you can get a rate reduction, if ever there was a time to do that it would be now.

That’s my two cents, I’d love to hear yours?

Take care and get building those brands!

Troy Linehan

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Hey folks,

Just dropping by really quickly this morning as it has been confirmed that ‘Merlin Entertainments’ attraction Warwick Castle, UK will be getting involved in a marriage of brands.

Warwick Castle have teamed up with the makers of popular BBC series ‘Merlin’ to open ‘The Dragon Tower’ in early 2011.  Merlin (the company, that is) states that this “will be the first attraction inspired by the the show.”  This leads me to believe that we may be seeing more Merlin inspired goings on in the UK’s favourite castle and will surely be a boost for international tourism too. Teaming FremantleMedia Enterprises and Merlin Entertainment is a winning match-up.


To keep an eye on Warwick Castle, you can follow them on Twitter and get all the updates - @warwickcastle

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Hey all!

Welcome back!  Due to a few very early mornings, I thought I’d fill the time and get my creative juices flowing by kicking up the leaves in the 1990’s.  If you’ve ever talked to me about music, you’ll know that I LOVE music from the 50’s all the way through till today.  But you’ll also know that I think that the 90’s is one of the most underrated decades of music that there is.  The 90’s was PACKED with musical gems and some hidden one-hit-wonders that ended up being many people’s guilty pleasures.  Once a month on my blog I’m going to pick a year and month in the 90’s and look at the top 20 hits.  Who knows, we may unearth some diamonds in the rough and some fine memories.


MARCH 1991

1991 was the year of the bomber jacket, now-a-days that fashion is reserved for nightclub security and aging rodies.  It was also the year of Noel’s House Party and that we all loved a little blue speedy hedgehog named Sonic.  Let’s check the top 20 hits of that month.  Each song is linked too if you’d like to have a listen or your own 90’s office disco ;)

Madonna – Crazy For You  (91 Remix)                                         

 Highest position #2 – UK Charts

Madge took a knock and only hit the #2 spot in this year as she used this track to push and promote the #1 Album ‘The Immaculate Collection’… In early 91, Madonna dated porn performer Tony Ward but ditched him in March.  The Oscars rolled around and tongues were set wagging when Madonna’s date was none other than moonwalking, chimp loving megastar, Michael Jackson

Bee Gees – Secret Love                            

 Highest position #5 – UK Charts

‘Secret Love’  Was a pretty much forgotten hit in the 90’s as the Bee Gees eventually went on to pen greater know hits such as ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’.  They even went on to work with Canadian diva Celine Dion for ‘Immortality’

Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go                                              

 Highest position #1 – UK Charts

Punk heroes of the experimenting in the late 70’s and really hitting form in the 80’s returned in 91 and re-released what some would say was their anthem.  It’s a song that still rocks hard today and has passed the test of time.  It’s even been covered a few times, most notably by Kylie Minogue (the famous ‘behind’ features in this vid too).  Seriously though, the song was released to mark the 10 year anniversary of it being first written in 1981 and was also ranked by VH1 in 2009 as #42 in the worlds “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs”.  In fact, this month marks its 30th year of existence.

Mock Turtles – Can You Dig It                                             

 Highest position #18 – UK Charts

The early 90’s also saw the birth of indie music and the Mock Turtles from Manchester were among the few bands to break out of the alternative scene of the late 80’s and embrace what was to be known as ‘Indie’…  I don’t know about you, but all this song reminds me of is being kept on hold by Vodafone (who used this track in their TV ads)

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Happy                                       

 Highest position #16 – UK Charts

Another band under the ‘indie’ banner was slightly more rocking and eventually far more obscure that the previous charting act, maybe even sliding more in to the punk category which was now pretty much disbanded in the UK.  This West Midlands based band was formed in the late 80’s and got their name from an episode of the ‘Goon Show’…  Moshing, crowd surfing and stage diving thrills and spills were a staple part of their live shows.  They pretty much sank in to obscurity BUT kept a cult fan following.  They now have the site Ned’s Atomic Dustbin :Re-United

Roxette – Joyride                                              

 Highest position #4 – UK Charts

“Aim for the flat-top”  I think you either loved or hated Roxette.  I was always a big fan of this Swedish pop duo and was always under the impression that they were brother and sister.  This wasn’t the case.  They hit big in the late 80’s with ‘It Must Have Been Love’ which was used on the ‘Pretty Woman’ soundtrack, just like that, they were a house-hold name.  ‘Joyride’ was their first #1 in their home country and reached the top of the charts in many others including the USA but on #4 here in the UK.  It’s a catchy tune that is always greatly received (though I always preferred ‘The Look’)

Happy Mondays – Loose Fit                                           

 Highest position #17

Loose Fit was pretty much a lost song for the Happy Mondays and is slightly more trippy than Ryder & Co’s other offerings.   We do get to see Shaun Ryder in a blonde wig and lipstick though… If that’s your thing.

REM – Losing My Religion                                    

 Highest position #19 – UK Charts

Highest position #19?!!  I know, you are also reading this correctly.  Undoubtedly this is an alternative rock anthem that will weather any musical storm.  I’d like to think if it was re-released today it would enjoy more success in the UK than #19.  Anyway, Stype and the gang had been rocking since1980 and were seen to be a little bit too obscure for most musical tastes.  But this all changed when the alternative, indie & rock scenes flourished in the early 90’s.  They gave us ‘Losing My Religion’ and were rewarded with global success with albums ‘Out of Time’ (91) and ‘Automatic For The People’ (92).  These two albums took them out of their rock roots but gave them the platform to make them commercially viable and in the process made shed loads of lovely money.  Well Done!  That video is also one of the last times you’ll see him with hair.

Charlatans – Over Rising                                        

 Highest position #15 – UK Charts

More trippy indie goings on with The Charlatans.  This track was no ‘North Country Boy’ and this band tended to get lost in the shuffle a bit with the likes of The Happy Mondays overshadowing them a little.  I can’t even say this track is worth a listen to.  What were we all thinking?

Hale and Pace & The Stonkers – The Stonk                                            

 Highest position #1 – UK Charts

This tells you lots about our UK Charts but also UK people.  Release a song for charity no matter how bad and it’ll be a sure fire #1.  It’s because we’re all so kind a generous.  Hale & Pace were kings of early 90’s late night TV comedy in the UK and were called upon by the BBC to release a song for ‘Red Nose Day’.  As the years have rolled on, Red Nose Day has become less prolific in the media but is always worth a watch.  BTW, I like the part in the vid where you see the ‘Mary Whitehouse Experience’ (another great 90’s cult show) crew dancing apart from moody comic Robert Newman.  Speaking of which here’s a bit of Newman & Baddial with ‘History Today’ Yes…. That’s you that is!

Definition of Sound – Wear Your Love Like Heaven                                  

 Highest position #17 – UK Charts

This was a one week wonder (yes, not even a hit) and I wouldn’t be very surprised if you’ve never heard the song at all.  It was probably on one of those free ‘Now’ VHS’ that were knocking around.  But do give the video a watch so you can take in the throwback dance moves and funky outfits.  I even believe one of the leads is wearing Super Mario’s hat!!  Believe it or not, they were London based but enjoyed a little more success outside of the UK

Feargal Sharkey – I’ve Got News For You                  

 Highest position #12 – UK Chart

“It’s Friday Night… It’s Top Of The Pops!”…  And we need something middle of the road to fill the time before we wheel out Madonna!   Yes, it’s once punk rocker Feargal Sharkey who in the early 90’s was dabbling in A&R and on the slippery musical slope.  GONE are the Undertones hits and even his soppy whiney hits of the late 80’s like ‘A Good Heart’.  All that’s left is this, we’ll I’ve got news for you Feargal, get your coat, you’re done!  Of course now he’s known for being CEO of British Music Rights and rather powerful in the fields of musical media.  Every Cloud…

Rod Stewart – The Rhythm Of My Heart                                       

 Highest position #3 – UK Chart

Some people in music just have staying power and become iconic, I think that Rod Stewart is one of these typical musical legends.  Although I’m not a fan of his, I can recognise that this man is a hit maker whose music spans decades and generations.  It would be easy to think that this track could be easily lost on the fast changing early 90’s landscape where indie, rock and experimental dance were taking over.  But again, the man is a legend and produced a #3 hit in the UK and #5 in the USA.  This was also the opening (and defining) track of Rod’s 1991 album ‘Vagabond Heart’.  Enjoy this clip taken a few years after at the Royal Albert Hall.

Scritti Politti – She’s a Woman                                         

 Highest position #20 – UK Chart

Formed in Leeds (yeah, who’d have thought it) they were in the early 80’s, a left-wing punk band who (after floating around the bottom of the charts) decided to give themselves a more appealing commercial edge.  This song didn’t quite do this even though it was a cover of a song by The Beatles. It trolled in at #20 which is quite surprising as it featured the (at the time) prolific reggae star ‘Mr Loverman’ Shabba Ranks!  So, now here’s The Beatles original version of the same song No Shabba Ranks though sorry.

Ride – Today Forever                                           

 Highest position #14 – UK Chart

Out of Oxford, UK comes dreary sweater wearing melancholy indie band ‘Ride’…  If you’re having trouble sleeping try listening to this track.  Nearly the entire first minute is a one way guitar intro followed by a less than inspiring performance.  They were only around for a few more years and then split.  Andy Bell (no not the fella from Erasure) then set to form the band Hurricane#1 but that project was soon thrown in the bin as he was asked to play Bass for Oasis.  You can now see him in current band ‘Beady Eye’ with Oasis cohort Liam.

Mike & The Mechanics – Word Of Mouth                                               

 Highest position #13 – UK Chart

Mike & The Mechanics was a pet project of Mike Rutherford who was a founding member of Genesis.  Word of Mouth even sounds like it was spawned from that band as it includes punchy drums and big vocals.  Speaking of vocals, they’re supplied on this track by Paul Young.  This band enjoyed early success with ‘In The Living Years’ that got a US #1 in 1989. Mike & The Mechanics on paper were a UK pop superpower but ‘Word of Mouth’ didn’t hit the mark or even spread (see what I did there?) until  four years later when they re-entered the charts with ‘Over My Shoulder’ in 95.

Simple Minds – Let There Be Love                                   

 Highest position #6 – UK Chart

Scottish ‘Dad Rock’ band bestow this chart single upon us all and nobody seems to take much notice.  In fact, all I thought while looking at this video is, why does Jim Kerr always seem to be hugging himself in his videos??  The band was better known for it’s global hit ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ from the cult film “The Breakfast Club”… And yes, Jim is hugging himself in that video too, hey! It’s Scotland, maybe he’s cold.

Pet Shop Boys – Where The Streets Have No Name (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)                                             

Highest position #4

In 91 The Pet Shop Boys start to move away from the electro 80’s sounds and experiment with Disco!  Could this song be one of the very first ‘Mash-up’ tracks released by an original artist?… Hmmm, Maybe!  This is an amped up disco cover of the U2 classic from the Joshua Tree album in 1987.  This version couldn’t be further from the original as The Pet Shop Boys embrace their success in the Gay scene and pump out campy disco vibes throughout the rest of the 90’s.  In this track they take the Boystown Gang’s 1981 version of ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ (over the original Frankie Valli 60’s version) and incorporate that arraignment to ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ and PRESTO!  They have a #4 hit!  By the way, check out the giant glittery cowboy hat!

C & C Music Factory – Here We Go                                  

 Highest position #20 – UK Chart

Yet another lost band of the late 80’s and early 90’s and I’ll bet you’ve never even heard this song J  You were doing the escalator to ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ and the electric slide to ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm’ and wondering “who the hell is this?” to ‘Here We Go’.  Yet this track reached #1 on the US Dance Chart feeding off the success of Gonna Make You Sweat.  In fact, all of C & C Music Factory’s songs hit the #1 spot on the US dance chart!  Go on, bust a move!  You know you want to.

Dannii Minogue – Love And Kisses                                              

 Highest position #8 – UK Chart

Kylie has smashed the door wide open and we get the debut ‘hit’ from the chubby faced youngster’s album of the same title.  She stuck around the charts for a while and in later years became a regular on the UK Holiday Park and Nightclub scenes performing in some highly priced P.A.’s (personal appearances) Way to capitalise on a sibling’s fame, good on ya Sheila! (she’s still doing it now… and the video has some truly awful miming)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Sailing On The Seven Seas                                     

 Highest position #3 – UK Chart

Wirral based O.M.D had a few other hits in the 70’s and 80’s and were huge during the time of 80’s electro & new wave, but this was their 90’s one hit wonder masterpiece.  It’s actually a catchy song and probably deserves its #3 placement.  Unfortunately after this hit the band slipped in to the musical wilderness again and reformed with rotating band line-ups for live shows.  They were best known for ‘Electricity’ and worldwide hit ‘Enola Gay’.

Zucchero & Paul Young - Senza Una Donna                                              

 Highest position #4 – UK Chart

Paul Young was busy in the early 90’s moonlighting and making guest appearances with other bands but stumbled upon a hit when he teamed with Zucchero who had previously released this song in 1987.  It clearly needed a bit of the ‘Young’ Magic where it was then released as Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman).  This single was certified GOLD in France where it sold over 250,000 copies and it also hit #1 status in Belgium, Italy and Sweden.  That Paul Young… Hits genius ;)

James – Sit Down                                   

 Highest position #2 – UK Chart

Manchester band James were formed in the early 80’s but like most good bands, took time to develop.  In this month they shared the #2 spot with the ‘Queen of Pop’ – Madonna and that’s no mean feat!  ‘Sit Down’ is an all time indie anthem and will be a track that all of us will most likely enjoy for years to come.  They also had moderate success with the single ‘Laid’.  This wasn’t the first time around for ‘Sit Down’ though, in 1889 it was released in it’s seven minute original form but only got to #77 in the UK Charts.  Although it was (and still is) an anthem of it’s time, it was denied the #1 spot by The Clash and ‘The One And Only’ Chesney Hawkes.  How’s that for a kick in the pants?

Snap – Snap Megamix                                      

 Highest position #10 – UK Chart

It isn’t often that a group will release a megamix in to the UK charts, though, thinking back, a few groups could have really done well out of it… Vengaboys unfortunately springs to mind.  Snap were the dance powerhouses of the late 80’s and creeped in to the 90’s.  It’s also true that every decade (or there about) when the moon is full, on a stormy night, the blood of a goat and all of our dignity is sacrificed… SNAP will release a remix of one of their past hits (The Power or Rhythm Is A Dancer)…  This ‘Mega’ Mix features ‘Ooops Up’ ‘The Cult Of Snap’ ‘The Power’ and ‘Mary Had a Little Boy’.  This mix however didn’t feature their soon to be legacy ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’ that went on to storm clubs globally.  As for The Power?  If you’re a darts fan, you can catch Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor use it as his entrance music.  Let’s Play Darts!!


Hope you enjoyed stopping by, you can now go and share your new found knowledge of one month in the 90’s.  See you next month with another month and another year!

Troy Linehan

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