Happy Friday folks!!

Yes, it’s that time again when I share a few of my Follow Friday’s here on Tumblr.  Feel free to post your Twitter name below so that I can follow you… OR just holla at me on Twitter to get the same result.  Follow these folks, I like em!

Sarah Skinner - I’ve known Sarah for a few years now away from the internet world.  I know her as a kick ass Vegas Showgirl!  She’s also an awesome and ultra positive person.  Just the person to follow if you want some good vibes throughout the day.

Make A Wish UK- As some of you know, I donate to a few charities.  BUT I got fed up with the doom and gloom of many of them.  I’m planning on making Make A Wish UK my main fund raising choice.  I’m doing this because, finding cures is good, but granting wishes is far more rewarding.

C_T_S - A sassy TV producer from the UK who shoots from the hip and tells it like it is.  Great to follow if you like witty banter.  Also great to follow as she is in the middle of blogging on ‘50 First Dates’ that she is currently living…  It’s a mini soap opera I tell ya!

Alton Towers Guest Services- I’m not a fan of doing too many businesses in my FF’s (though there are a number today) but I think these fine folks have got in to the swing of integrating customer services with Social Media.  Always very informative and a MUST FOLLOW if you visit the park.

G Casino Coventry - This is of course my home away from home (no, I don’t have a gambling problem) as this is where I work!  I’m trying to get them more involved in this social media thing… Baby steps :)  But they’ll get there.  If you live in Coventry, give them a follow and say “hi”.  They’ll appreciate it.

Mickey Take - Another Coventry fella!  That’s actually his stage name.  Sean is a very funny comedy hypnotist but also practices it to help others too.  He will soon be opening a hypnotherapy practice in Coventry.  It’s certainly an alternative form of treatment.  Give him a follow to learn more.

Charlotte’s Cupcakes- Hmmm, this is turning in to The FF Coventry edition!  I’ve added these guys because they have been very active on-line as of late and I got a sweet tooth and can’t resist cupcakes!  It’s worth checking out their site and FB page if you live in the area.  Put in an order, they look scrummy!

Holly Madison - Holly is on my top ten list of the world’s most awesome women!!  She’s a Disney nut and is razor sharp in the brains department too.  Oh, I forgot to mention that she is also absolutely gorgeous.  Keep an eye on the TV guide and catch Holly’s World when it’s next on! 

Right!  That’s my lot on Tumblr as far as the FF’s are concerned…  More over on my Twitter.  Have a great weekend guys!


Troy Linehan

Twitter: @Troylinehan