OK, so this isn’t my usual post where I moan about the state of entertainment in the UK or ‘big up’ my pals.  If you’re anything like me on Facebook, you get LOADS of invites to this, that and the other ‘Join my farm’, ‘Build a fish tank’ or ‘help me whack some goons’…  They all get the usual ‘ignore’ treatment and I must say,this next invite for 'Project Husband' had the same effect, however, after getting the invite about 20 times I thought I’d check it out as the person posting it usually has some decent content on her page. 

At first I was totally confused.  I had no idea what this was all about, but after a quick scan of the page, the penny finally dropped.

35 year old singer/songwriter - Lisa Linehan has done all the wedding preparation and set the date for Feb 15th 2011 near Dallas, Texas.  The only thing she doesn’t have is a GROOM!  Hence, she has set up ‘Project Husband’!  She goes on dates (which you can even catch videos of) and has set up somewhat of a screening process to find her perfect soul mate.  It sounds a little crazy at first but I can totally see logic in this.  It cuts out all the crap and brings people to the table that mean business.  Of course, Im sure the down side of this is, she may ONLY end up with people who are after a little media attention or some publicity.  But I for one hope she finds her happily ever after by well and truly using the ‘net’ to catch her man.

Those interested in joining Lisa (pictured) should head over to -


Hey, Lisa!  If you’ve had no luck (which I highly doubt) by February, look me up! :) You wouldn’t even have to change your second name.  Guys & Girls, I’d love to get your thoughts on this?

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Troy Linehan