Pinch, Punch first Follow Friday of the month!!

Hey there folks!  Thanks for stopping by today.  It’s Friday, so that means that it’s time for my mini FF list of tweeps and twitterati that I like to follow…  Not in a stalkerish way I might add.  Click on their names and you’ll be whisked to their Twitter profile so that YOU can follow too!

Brody Swain -  Brody is a salt of the earth kinda guy who works for one of Coventry’s local radio stations.  Though I’m not a fan of local radio, I keep up with all of his antics through Twitter.  He is as honest as the day is long and always speaks his mind… A bit like yours truly.  A great guy to follow just for his wit.

CRCB1987 - I’ll be short and sweet on this one kids.  I know NOTHING about this guy, BUT he made me chuckle a few times this week.  And now I can’t watch Disney Pixar’s ‘UP’ without thinking of Fabio Capello!  A laugh is worth a follow.

Kristen Hoetzel - The mini blogger behind the fantastic ‘Cooking with Mickey’…  Want to know more about the treats served up by the Disney company?…  This is the person to follow.  She has daily links and great content if Food (Disney Style) is your thing.

Martin Warren-This time last year I unfollowed Martin for excessive tweeting of scores during Wimbledon.  But re-followed his as I fully understand the use of knowing every sports score in the UK EVER…  He’s a great Coventry tweeter for you ‘locals’ that like local people :)

Matt Browne- Matt is part of the #USGuys twitter tribe and is always posting great content.  I use his tweets as a way of keeping up with most techy news.  He’s also a great guy to talk to and could (if you really wanted to know) tell you which wine goes with which food.  Useful

Paul Daniels - YES!  The Paul Daniels, Magic man, Entertainer and all round great guy!  Though I never ever seem to talk to Paul about magic… It’s usually about what leads he’ll need to make his MP3 work or the general state of the country.  Another down to earth chap who is always happy to answer sensible questions.  I brought his magic set when I was younger, thus contributing to the awesome Daniels Dynasty!

The British Heart Foundation - A charity that is close to my heart (groan… sorry, had to say it) and a gang of people who never stop doing incredible work.  From the volunteers in the shops all the way through to the scientific minds working to control this disease… They all do a fantastic job to look after our futures.

The Musgraves - Well, it would be wrong for us not to have a musical entry.  They are a midlands based pop band who have an appreciation for catchy tunes and decent cocktails!!  Oh, remember the BT ‘Wedding’ commercial?… That was their music in the background too!  A fine outfit who are on the up!

That’s me done for this week’s FF’s…  Come follow me on Twitter and maybe you’ll make the cut :)  Honestly though, it’s just nice to have new followers to chat to.  Stop by and say “Hi”…  Till next time my pretties!



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