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Hey again!

So a quick check in from me today.  As you may or may not know, I get to work with some great covers bands and tribute acts every single week.  Mostly I have a great time and get to meet some fantastic people.  I also get to meet some total douches along the way too.  Im also sure that not everyone in that industry thinks fondly of me all the time.  It’s just a ‘catty’ small world I guess.

Well this weekend, Im working with ABBA Sensation which (even though Im not an Abba fan) ranks up there as being one of my favorite Abba Tribute bands.  Quick Abba Tribute ‘Fact’, did you know there are an estimated 73,000 Abba Tribute bands in the world?  Nope? neither did I, I looked it up.  But it’s safe to say that they all are keeping the economy running smoothly in the glittery spandex and wig sectors (if there even is such a thing)…  My reason for liking them?  They are young!  Most Abba tribute bands who are established on the UK and international tribute circuit have been going for over 15 years!  After that amount of time, the spandex doesn’t sit as well as it used too Im sure (Ask Hulk Hogan) so it’s nice to see a younger crew take on the challenge of being Abba.  They are vibrant, they sound great all the way down to some rather strange ‘sweedish’ accents, I’ve never been so I’ll take their word for it.  Bottom line is, it’s a great show and it beats the other older Abba acts in to the middle of next year.  A friend of mine worked an Abba show at a large corporate event with another Abba Tribute (I won’t incriminate) and one of the leading ladies was SO OLD she actually had to be helped on to the stage.  That’s just tragic!  And the corporate organiser would have paid good money for that, my friend told me she had the life on stage of a Harold Shipman patient (look it up)

It goes without saying that Im all for younger people coming through on to this scene as that’s what it really needs.  There are some Tribute acts that are timeless - Abba, The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Sinatra… the list goes on, but the tribute industry won’t unless the torch is passed or the gauntlet (so to speak) is picked up by a younger talent ready to give it all they’ve got.  Yes!  It’s a kooky industry, but someone has to do it.  Take an artiste and put your own spin on things or even re-write the history books a little like Matt Goss (yes, him from Bros and Blade) is doing in Vegas > <  Anyway, Im looking forward to this Saturday when I work with Abba Sensation IMO the UK’s finest ABBA Tribute band, I believe you can check them out here - stop by and show them some love.

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Hey there folks,

After seeing a few other people doing this (to encourage tweeps to check out blogs I assume) I kind of liked it and thought I’d give it a go. Every Friday, I’m going to give a list of 10 Tweeps that I follow, that you MAY want to think about following. It’s not a top 10 so is in no particular order.

1. Kyle Lacy - Kyle is the author of Twitter Marketing For Dummies, this was also the very first book I sought out to try and help me make sense of the crazy world of Twitter.  He’s on daily and a great person to just talk with too, follow him and jump right in to the conversation. Eternal thanks!

2. Mark Wright - Strangely, I first knew Mark as an Elvis impersonator… And I say that with the highest respect for what he does. Since then, he has become my (kind of) moral compass, because those that know me will know that I have difficulty with the difference between right and wrong. He’s set me on the Wright Track! See what I did there?

3. Sarah Brown - The twitter account of my future wife! ;) I know Sarah as a kick ass singer and stunningly, she seems to share my love for all things Disney & Entertainment! She is working hard to break in to other media and is living proof that the VERY BEST things come in small packages.  In the somewhat creepy words of Wayne Campbell “Oh yes, she will be mine”


4. Cheryl Lawson - She is another person I found early on through twitter. She is my twitter mom (as she is for everyone in to social media in Tulsa) She is always sharing interesting things and is always easy to talk to. A real gem!

5. Richard Church-Keen - A Twitter newbie but big on chat, wit and sarcasm. He’s also my best friend in the world and one of the only people to have stuck by me through the up’s and down’s that has been my life. I was also honoured to be best man at his wedding. We rocked on that day!

6. Scott Stratten - The man that goes under the title of ‘Unmarketing’ and also a huge vat of wisdom when it comes to twitter and social media in general. He is also an author of another book that I’ve read cover to cover ‘Unmarketing’… Available where all good books are sold ;)  And also testament that beards make you awesome!

7. Abba Sensation - A band that I love to book at the venue… But now very good friends of mine. Pete Nulty & Melody French run the Twitter account and are still testing the water with regards to Twitter. BUT, if you are looking for the best LIVE Abba band around, look no further!

8. Lou Mongello - A certified Disney nut with the only podcast that feeds my love of Disney on a weekly basis… Of course, I’m talking about The WDW Radio Show… Go and seek it out on iTunes. While you’re there check out his Disney audio guides too. What a great addition to my Twitter.

9. Angry Britain - I do also have a cynical, sarcastic side and this account throws fuel on that particular fire. If you are easily offended, don’t follow… But if you’re looking for an account that casts a satirical eye over the news and the goings on in Britain… Well, you’ve found it!

10. The Disney Institute - Daily nuggets of info and pearls of wisdom blogged, tweeted and posted. If you manage a business and looking to learn from the very best providers of customer service in the universe, this account would be a great start. Keep up the incredible work!

So there you have it, this week’s #FF listings. There will be another next week… and while you’re here, If you like 90’s music, give my blog a read :)

Have a great week!

Troy Linehan


SHOW NOTES - Show #2

Hi Folks!

I’m going to be doing at least one podcast per month giving you a behind the scenes look at the crazy world of Tribute Acts. In the second show I’m chatting with awesome ABBA Tribute band - Abba Sensation. Don’t forget to comment on the show, rate, share and simply enjoy.

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These are the show notes with links that we talk about during the podcast.

Abba Sensation Live at The Rebellion Punk Rock Festival

Abba Sensation Live at The Rebellion Punk Rock Festival #2

#MSF (Musical Sex Face) of Josie Mills from the Kate Bush Tribute Band - Hounds Of Love

More Abba Sensation

ABBA-Toir Heavy metal Abba Tribute!!

Contact Abba Sensation



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